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How do I link a student to an observer in a course?

If you have the correct permissions from your administrator, you can link a student to an observer from the People page. When an observer is linked to a student, the observer can observe the student's activities and grades in the course.

If your course supports self-enrollment, you can also generate a pairing code that the observer can use to link to a student. The observer can enter this pairing code in their User Settings Observing tab.

Open People

Open People

In Course Navigation, click the People link.

Locate Observer

Locate Observer

In the search field [1], search for the name of the observer. You can also filter by observer role in the Roles drop-down menu [2].

Click the observer's Options icon [1], then select the Link to Students link [2].

Link Student

In the name field, type the name of the student you want to link to the observer. Select the full name when it appears.

You can link additional students to the observer, if necessary.

Remove Students

Remove Students

To remove a student, click the remove icon next to the student.

Update Link

Click the Update button.

View Observer

View the students linked to the observer.

Generate Pairing Code

Open User Details

If you prefer to have an observer link themselves to the student's account, you may be able to generate a pairing code for the observer. Click the student's Options icon [1], then select the User Details link [2].

Pair with Observer

Click the Pair with Observer link.

Note: If you cannot view the Pair with Observer link, the permission to generate pairing codes has not been enabled for your role, or self-enrollment has not been enabled for your course.

Copy Pairing Code

Copy Pairing Code

Confirm the name of the student [1].

Copy the six-digit alphanumeric pairing code [2]. You will need to share this code with the observer who will link to the student's account. The pairing code will expire after 24 hours or its first use.

To close the window, click the OK button [3].