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How do I view the blueprint sync information for a course associated with a blueprint course?

If your content index pages include Blueprint icons, your course is associated with a blueprint course. Blueprint Courses are courses managed as a template, and changes to locked objects can be synced from the blueprint course to your course at any time. However, you can manage any unlocked course content in your course.

You can view the latest information about a blueprint sync in Course Settings. The blueprint information contains details about the content or other attributes changed in your course.


  • To be notified of synced updates from a blueprint course, enable the Blueprint sync notification in User Settings.
  • New Quizzes assessments are only synced to blueprint courses during the initial sync. Changes to New Quizzes assessments are not included in subsequent sync attempts.

Open Course

In Global Navigation, click the Courses link [1], then click the name of the course [2].

Open Settings

Open Settings

In Course Navigation, click the Settings link.

Open Blueprint Information

Open Blueprint Information

In the sidebar, click the Blueprint Information link.

View Sync Information

The Blueprint Information page shows information from the last blueprint sync. The page displays the name and course ID of the blueprint course [1] and the name and course ID of your associated course [2].

You can also view the date and time of the sync [3] and the number of changes [4].

If a message was included as part of the notification, the message is displayed above the list of synced changes.

For a course association made by an admin, sync information will also show the date and time the sync was made, but no details will be included related to the sync.

View Sync Details

View Blueprint Information

The Blueprint Information page shows the specific content that has been synced. Each content object shows the synced status of the object (locked or unlocked) and the name of the object [1], the object type [2], the change applied [3], and whether or not the sync was applied [4].

Content changes can be created, updated, or deleted. Updated changes indicate any change to existing content.

Close Blueprint Information

Close Blueprint Information

When you are finished with the Blueprint Information page, click the Done button.