How do I copy a discussion to another course?

As an instructor, you can copy individual discussions in one course directly into any active course in which you are enrolled. You can also send discussions to other instructors at your institution. When you copy a discussion, any assets within that discussion (images, files, etc.) will be included in your discussion copy.


  • To share course content, you must have the Course Content - add / edit / delete permission enabled.
  • Shared content does not count against course or user quotas.
  • If you copy the same discussion to the same course more than once, the discussion you previously copied will be overwritten with the newly copied discussion.

Open Discussions

Open Discussions

In Course Navigation, click the Discussions link.

Open Discussion Options

Locate the discussion you wish to copy, then click the discussion Options icon [1]. Select the Copy To... option [2].

Select Course

Select Course

Type the course name or course code in the Select a Course field [1].

Search results are sorted by term, with the default term first, followed by most recent term start date. Results for each term are sorted alphabetically and display the course name [2], course code [3], and term name [4].

Select the course into which you want to copy the discussion [5].

Note: The Select a Course drop-down menu only displays courses in which you have an active or future enrollment. Discussions cannot be copied to a concluded course.

Select Location

Select Location

If you wish, you can copy the discussion into a specific module and location within a course.

Click or type a module name in the Select a Module field [1]. Then select the module for the copied discussion.

To select a location within the module, click the Place drop-down menu [2]. You can select to copy the discussion to the top of the module, before or after a specific module item, or at the bottom of a module.  

Copy Discussion

Copy Quiz

Click the Copy button.

View Copy Notification

View Copy Notification

Canvas displays a notification when a discussion copies successfully [1].

When finished, click the Close icon [2] or the Close button [3].

View Copied Discussion

Copied discussions display on the Discussions Index Page for the course into which it copied.