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How is Roll Call Attendance graded in Canvas?

By default, Attendance is included in Canvas as a non-submission graded assignment worth 100 points. The display grade is set as a percentage.

Attendance points are calculated by a percentage of the number of dates the roll is taken and the number of total points. You can also specify the percent of credit given to a student who is marked late.

This lesson outlines how to use attendance for grading in a course. When you use the Attendance tool in your course, students can see the Attendance assignment in the Assignments page and view their attendance report as part of the Roll Call Attendance submission details page. Students can also view their attendance grade in the Grades page.

Note: Some instructors want to change the way attendance is used for grading. If preferred, you can edit the Attendance assignment and edit the point value, use weighted assignment groups, change the assignment type to remove Attendance from the Gradebook, or exclude the Attendance assignment from the final grade.

Take Attendance

Take Attendance

When you take roll in the Attendance tool, the status you set for each student is associated with a percentage value. Statuses include present and on time (green check: 100%), not present (red x: 0%), or late (orange clock: 80%).

View Lateness Value

Adjust Lateness Value

By default, the value of being late is 80% of the present value. So if a student is late, the student will receive 80% for the day instead of the full 100%. The late value can be adjusted in Roll Call settings.

View Attendance Assignment

View Attendance Assignment

When you take attendance using Roll Call, Canvas automatically adds Attendance as an assignment. The default point value for attendance is 100 points.

To avoid Attendance calculation errors, never delete, rename, or unpublish the Attendance assignment.

Note: Although students cannot view the actual attendance tool, they can still view the attendance assignment in the Assignments page. This assignment cannot be hidden from students.

View Gradebook Scores

Roll Call Attendance Column in Gradebook

In the Gradebook Attendance column, by default Canvas displays the assignment based on percentage of the point value. For instance, if the point value is 100, and roll call has been taken twice, a student with one present value (100%) and one lateness value (calculated at 80%) will have a score of 90 points, or 90%.

The Attendance Gradebook column will update every time you take roll call in the Attendance tool.

Note: Although students cannot view the actual attendance tool, if you are using attendance for grading, they can still view their attendance score in their Grades page and view their attendance report.

Mute Attendance Assignment

Mute Attendance Assignment

If you would prefer students not receive notifications when their attendance grade is updated, you can mute the assignment to prevent it from triggering notifications. Hover over the Attendance assignment title and click the drop-down menu [1], then select the Mute Assignment link [2].