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How do I use moderated grading in a course?

Moderated grading allows multiple reviewers to grade a student’s work and create draft or provisional grades for an assignment. For instance, you may want to allow two TAs in your course to grade all assignments, and you can review their assessments before determining the final grade. This feature can also be used to create a sampling of students for assignment review to ensure grading is consistent and allows secondary grade reviews. Moderated grading also supports anonymous grading in SpeedGrader.

Moderated assignments include up to two reviewers and one moderator.

Create Moderation Set

Create Moderation Set

A moderator is any user role with permission to moderate grades (commonly instructors).

After setting up a moderated assignment and publishing the assignment, moderators can select students to add to the moderation set. A student moderation set is a group of students whose assignments can be graded by multiple reviewers.

View Selected Students

View Selected Students

For students added to the moderator set, SpeedGrader links appear on the page for quick access to view assignment submissions and comments from each reviewer [1].

If a student's name does not include a SpeedGrader link [2], the student was not added to the moderator set. If a student is not added to a moderation set, the assignment is graded as any other SpeedGrader assignment.

Non-added students can be added to the moderation set at any time.

View SpeedGrader as a Reviewer

A reviewer is any user role with permission to edit grades (commonly TAs). Reviewers see and grade a moderated assignment the same way they grade any other SpeedGrader assignment.

Note: If there is more than one reviewer in a course, and a student submission is not added to the moderation set, the first reviewer who scored the submission is the only person who can grade the assignment. The second reviewer will see a message that the submission has already received a grade.

View Provisional Grades

View Provisional Grades

Once the first reviewer assigns a provisional grade to the assignment, moderators can view the Moderate page and view the assigned provisional grades. The grades display in the 1st Reviewer column [1].

Once a provisional grade is submitted, the grade becomes a quick-access link to the SpeedGrader assignment [2]. If the moderator wants to review the submission details, including submission comments and any rubric feedback, they can review the moderated assignment in SpeedGrader.

If a student's assignment was included in the moderation set, the student's name includes a secondary SpeedGrader link [3], in case the moderator does not want to use the provisional grade and wants to add a second review.

If a student's assignment was not included in the moderation set, the Moderate page does not display any SpeedGrader links [4], and either the moderator must select the 1st reviewer grade, or add the student to the moderation set and regrade the submission.

To give an additional grade to a student, moderators can add the student to the moderation set at any time.


View SpeedGrader as a Moderator

After one reviewer grades the submission, the moderator can view the reviewer's provisional grade, associated comments, and other SpeedGrader data. The moderator must decide to either select the provisional grade [1], or add another review [2]. A moderated assignment supports up to two reviewer submissions, so if any other users in the course are able to review an assignment, the moderator could enable a second review. Otherwise, the moderator can create a new moderator review to assign the grade.  

If there are no other reviewers in the course, but the moderator does not want to use the provisional grade assigned by the first reviewer, the moderator can add a new review to use for the submission grade.

Post Grades

Post Grades

Provisional grades are not included in the Gradebook and are only visible to moderators. Grades that have been selected in SpeedGrader display in the Grade column [1]. Students cannot view any comments or grades until the final grades are published.

If a grade was not selected for a student in SpeedGrader, moderators can select grades in the Moderate page by clicking the radio button for the grade [2].

Once a grade is published, the grade in the Moderate page cannot be changed; all content is considered read-only for historical reference. However, grades can still be changed in the Gradebook.