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How do I grade group assignments in SpeedGrader?

Before you can evaluate group work, you will need to create a group assignment. Students can submit Google documents, pages, and other group work as an assignment.

Open SpeedGrader

Open SpeedGrader

Open SpeedGrader from the group assignment.

View Group Submissions

When evaluating group assignments, the SpeedGrader drop-down menu displays the name of each group. Select the name of the group whose submission you want to view.

Grade Submission

Grade Submission

To submit a grade for all members of the group, enter the grade in the Grade field [1].

If a Rubric is attached to the assignment, you can view the rubric by clicking the View Rubric button [2]. If your rubric is set up for grading, the Grade field will automatically populate with the rubric grade results.

Send Group Feedback

Send Group Feedback

Group submissions only display group assignment comments in SpeedGrader. The Send Comment to the Whole Group checkbox is defaulted to on, meaning any comments made will be sent to all members of the group.

Private comments can still be viewed and given for each student in the group by accessing the group assignment's submission details from the student grades page. Instructors can also view the Submission Comments filter in Conversations.

View Group Submission with Individual Grading

If the group assignment was set up to assign grades to each student individually, the submission will still apply for each group member's assignment, but the drop-down menu displays the name of each individual student [1].

When grading the submission [2], the entered grade will only apply for the student whose submission you are viewing.  

By default, comments are sent to the individual student. However, comments can be made for the whole group by checking the Send Comments to the Whole Group checkbox [3].