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How do I use the icons and colors in the Gradebook?

There are different icons and colors in the new Gradebook. Depending on how you grade assignments (manually or otherwise), you will see different icons or colors.

Icons and colors are simply gradebook indicators to assist you with course grading. All assignments count toward a student's total grade unless they are excused assignments.

Submission Type Icons

The following icons represent different assignment functions in the Gradebook:

  • Discussion Icon [1]: Graded discussion submitted, but not graded
  • Document Icon [2]: File upload submitted or external tool assignment submitted, not graded
  • Text Icon [3]: Text entry submitted, not graded
  • Upload Failed Icon [4]: Google Drive or Microsoft Office 365 assignment submission upload failed.
  • Uploading Icon [5]: Google Drive or Microsoft Office 365 assignment submission is queued for upload.
  • Filmstrip Icon [6]: Media recording submitted, not graded
  • Link Icon [7]: Website URL submitted, not graded
  • Quiz icon [8]: Quiz submitted, not fully graded (contains questions that must be manually graded, or an auto-submitted quiz score has been deleted and needs to be reassigned); can also display if a quiz has been edited and includes major changes that affect the quiz score, such as deleting questions or deleting quiz answers, and requires a grader to manually resolve
  • Muted Icon [9]: Assignment muted.
    • When weighted assignment groups are not enabled, the total column also includes a warning icon notifying you that the grade you see differs from the grade the students see because one or more graded assignments are muted.
    • If an assignment column displays a muted icon and all cells are grayed out, the assignment is anonymous, moderated, or both.

Grading Types

Each grading type shows up differently in the Gradebook. Here you can see how each grading type is represented:

  • Dash [1]: No submission
  • Number [2]: Points grade
  • Check Icon [3]: Complete grade
  • X Icon [4]: Incomplete grade
  • Letter [5]: Letter grade
  • Percentage [6]: Percentage grade
  • GPA [7]: GPA scale
  • EX [8]: Excused assignment


Note: In the Total column, you will see a percentage that represents your total grade at that time. Next to the percentage you will see the letter grade you have, based on the percentage.

Differentiated Assignments

Differentiated Assignments

If your course uses differentiated assignments, students who were not assigned an assignment, graded discussion, or a quiz do not include a dash in their submission cells. Additionally, the cells are grayed out.

Warning Icons

Warning Icons

The following icons represent different warnings in the Gradebook:

  • Blue Warning Icon [1]: Notifies you that the assignment is part of an assignment group with no points possible and cannot be included in the final grade calculation, or the assignment does not count toward the final grade.
  • Black Warning Icon [2]: Notifies you that the final score does not include one of the assignment groups because the group has zero points possible (the warning will tell you which assignment group is affected). This icon only displays in the total column related to assignment group errors. 


You can correct the assignment group warnings by making sure a weighted assignment group has an assignment worth more than zero points, or, if an assignment is supposed to have zero points, adding another assignment with more than zero points to the assignment group.


There are different colors with various meanings in the Gradebook. Here you can see what each color represents:

  • Yellow Shading [1]: Resubmitted assignment
  • Pink Shading [2]: Late submission
  • Gray Lined Shading [3]: Dropped grade

Closed Grading Periods

Closed Grading Periods

If your course uses multiple grading periods, submission cells for an entire assignment in a closed grading period are grayed out in the Gradebook. Assignments in a closed grading period cannot be edited.

Originality Tool Assessment Icons

Originality Tool Assessment Icons

If you created an assignment that uses an originality checker, the Gradebook displays originality score icons in the Gradebook for students' most recent submissions. To view details of the score, click the icon and view more details in SpeedGrader:

  • Gray icon [1]: Originality report has not been generated yet
  • Color icon [2]: Originality report has returned a score; the color is based on the originality percentage score for the student's most recent submission.