How do I use my Homeroom as an instructor?

If your school is using the Canvas for Elementary feature, the Homeroom is the first thing you will see when you log into Canvas. The Homeroom helps you see what is happening in all your current subjects.

You can return to your Homeroom at any time by clicking the Homeroom link in Global Navigation.

Open Homeroom

Open Homeroom

In Global Navigation, click the Homeroom link.

View Homeroom

View Homeroom

The Homeroom is your landing page in Canvas.

In the Homeroom tab [1], you can view your published [2] and unpublished course subjects [3].

To open a course subject, click the name of the subject [4].

To add a new course, click the Start a New Course icon [5].

To create a homeroom announcement, click the Add Announcement button [6].

View Homeroom Schedule

In the Schedule tab [1], you can view an example of how schedule items will display for students.

Each item displays the subject name [2], item name [3], number of points (if points have been assigned) [4], and the due date [5].

Each item also displays an icon to differentiate between different assignment types and other items in the Schedule [6].

When an online assignment is submitted, the item is automatically marked as completed. Students can manually mark non-submission items as complete by clicking the item's checkbox [7].

View Homeroom Grades

In the Grades tab [1], you can open the gradebook for a specific subject by clicking the subject's View Gradebook button [2].  

View Homeroom Resources

In the Resources tab [1], you may view important information if any has been added to your homeroom [2]. To edit important information, click the Edit icon [3].

You can also view student applications [4] and staff contact information [5].