How do I create a subject announcement as an instructor?

Subject announcements display for all users in the subject's Home page. An announcement icon also displays in the Homeroom's subject card. A subject announcement displays for two weeks or until it is replaced by a new announcement. Only the latest announcement will display.


  • Your subject must be published for students to receive announcement notifications. If you import an announcement from another Canvas course, new announcement notifications will not send to course users.
  • If an announcement is created before the subject start date and the Students can only participate in the course between these dates setting is enabled, students will not receive announcement notifications.

Open Subject

Open Subject

Click the Subjects link in Global Navigation [1]. Then select the subject name [2].

If the subject does not display on the Subjects list, you can view all of your subjects by clicking the All Subjects link [3].

Manage Subject

On the Home tab [1], only one subject announcement displays at a time [2].

To add a new announcement or replace an existing subject announcement, click the Manage Subject button [2].

Add Subject Announcement

Click the Announcements link in Subject Navigation [1].

To add a new announcement, click the Add Announcement button [2].

Create Announcement

Create Announcement

Type a title for the announcement in the Topic Title field [1] and add content in the Rich Content Editor [2].

Select Sections

Select Sections

By default, Canvas will send your announcement to all sections within your subject. To select specific sections for your announcement, click the Post to drop-down menu and select sections from the list provided.  

Note: If your subject does not have sections, Canvas will still show the All Sections option, and all subject users can view the announcement.

Add Attachment

Add Attachment

To add an attachment to your discussion, click the Choose File button [1].

If required by your institution, you will need to select usage right settings for your attachment. To manage usage right settings, click the Set usage rights icon [2].

In the Usage Right drop-down menu [3], select one of five usage rights:

  • I hold the copyright (original content created by you)
  • I have obtained permission to use the file (authorized permission by the author)
  • The material is in the public domain (explicitly assigned to public domain, cannot be copyrighted, or is no longer protected by copyright)
  • The material is subject to an exception - e.g. fair use, the right to quote, or others under applicable copyright laws (excerpt or summary used for commentary, news reporting, research, or analysis in education)
  • The material is licensed under Creative Commons; this option also requires setting a specific Creative Commons license

If known, enter the copyright holder information in the Copyright Holder field [4].

To save your usage right settings, click the Save button [5]. You can edit usage right settings by clicking the Set usage rights icon.

Select Options

Select Options

In the Options section, you can choose to delay posting, enable podcast feed, and allow liking.

To schedule an announcement post date, click the Delay posting checkbox [1]. Use the Calendar icon [2] to select a post date or type the date in the Post At field [3].

To enable podcast feed, click the Enable podcast feed checkbox [4].

To allow announcement liking, click the Allow liking checkbox [5].

Save Announcement

Save Announcement

Click the Save button.

Note: Unless you are using the delay posting option in Announcements, once you click Save, your announcement will immediately be posted in the Homeroom.

View Subject Announcement

The announcement displays in the subject's Home tab [1] along with the posted date [2].

A subject announcement displays for two weeks or until it is replaced by a new announcement. Only the latest announcement will display in the subject.

To edit the announcement, click the Edit icon [2].