How do I remove an enrollment from a course?

You may be able to remove an enrollment in your course within your course Settings in Canvas. Removing an enrollment deletes the enrollment from your account, but admins can view these enrollments as deleted enrollments in account-level reports. Users removed from a course do not have any record of participation in the course. You may want to conclude or deactivate the enrollment instead.

To see course participation for a deleted enrollment as compared to other enrollment types, view the Canvas Enrollment Status Comparison PDF.


  • Removing enrollments is a course permission. If you cannot remove enrollments in your course, your institution has restricted this feature.
  • Enrollments may be added by your institution's student information system (SIS). If an enrollment includes an SIS ID, only admins can remove an enrollment from the course.

Open People

Open People

In Course Navigation, click the People link.

Locate User

To view user details, locate the name of the user [1]. In high-enrollment courses, you can more easily find a single user by searching in the search bar [2] or filtering by role using the Role drop-down menu [3].

Remove User

Hover over the user's name and click the Settings icon [1]. Select the Remove From Course [2] link.

Confirm Deletion

Confirm Deletion

Click the OK button.