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How do I align an outcome to an assessment in New Quizzes?

You can align course-level outcomes to an assessment in New Quizzes. Aligning an outcome allows you to measure student assessment performance using rating scales and mastery levels.

You can also align outcomes to an assessment question.


  • If you cannot see outcomes in New Quizzes, they have not been configured for your course. Contact your Canvas administrator for assistance.
  • Outcomes scores from New Quizzes can only be viewed in the Outcomes Analysis report in New Quizzes. Outcomes scores cannot be viewed in the Learning Mastery Gradebook.
  • It may take up to 48 hours before newly-created outcomes can be aligned to New Quizzes assessments.

Open Assignments

Open Assignments

In Course Navigation, click the Assignments link.

Open Assessment

Open Assessment

Click the title of the assessment.

Open Outcomes

Click the Outcomes button.

Align Outcome

Click anywhere in the Align Institution outcomes to this Quiz section.

Select Outcome

Course-level outcomes will display in the Attached Outcomes page [1]. Account outcomes will also display if they have been added to the course.

Click the checkbox next to the outcome you want to add [2]. Then click the Align Selected button [3].

View Outcome

View Outcome

View your aligned outcome. To view outcome details, click the name of the outcome [1].

To remove the outcome from the question, click the Delete icon [2]. To add another outcome, click the Add button [3].

View Outcome Details

The details of an outcome include outcome ratings [1] and mastery level [2].

To return to the assessment, click the OK button [3].