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How do I view a student's submission details page in a course?

You can view the details for a student's submission by accessing the assignment from the student's Grades page. The submission details page shows you how a student views their assignment submissions and feedback in Canvas.

On the submission details page you can view the time the assignment was submitted, any comments left on the submission, and preview and download the submission. You can also leave comments about the submission, including leaving a comment for an individual student on a group assignment.  

Open Grades

Open Grades

in Course Navigation, click the Grades link.

Select Student

Select Student

Click the name of the student whose submission details page you would like to view.

View Context Card

If your institution has enabled Student Context cards, click the Grades button.

Note: If this feature is not available, your institution has not enabled student context cards.

Select Assignment

On the student's grades page, click the name of the assignment.

View Submission Details Page

In the submissions details page you can view details about the assignment submission.

In the submission details area [1], you can view the time the assignment was submitted, the student's grade, and a link to view the rubric, if attached.

In the submission area [2], you can download a copy of the submission or view feedback on the submission in DocViewer.

In the sidebar [3], you can view comments left on the assignment by you, other graders, or peer reviewing students. You can also add a new comment or attach a file.

View Group Submission Details

For group assignments, the submission details page may include individual comments added to a group assignment [1].

By default, group assignments that award the same grade to all group members do not display comments for individual students when grading group assignments in SpeedGrader. Comments made in SpeedGrader and from the Submissions Details page on group assignments that are not graded individually are sent to the whole group [2].

However, individually graded group assignments include commenting options. To send a comment to one student in a group, select Send comment to this student only [3]. To send a comment to the whole group, select Send comment to the whole group [4].

Individual comments also appear in the Submission Comments filter in Conversations.