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How do I use the Global Activity Stream as an instructor?

The Global Activity Stream shows you important recent activities from all of your courses including announcements, discussions, assignments, and conversations. This stream is similar to the Course Activity Stream for an individual course.

The following activities will cause notifications for each course to appear in the Global Activity Stream:

  • New Announcements
  • Replies to Announcements
  • New Discussions
  • New Discussion Posts
  • New Assignments
  • Assignments, Quizzes, or Discussions Changed from Ungraded to Graded
  • Due Date Changes to Assignments, Quizzes, and Discussions
  • New Graded Assignments
  • New Peer Review Assignments
  • New Conversation Messages



  • Notifications in the Global Activity Stream will not appear for activity in Files, Collaborations, Grades, Pages, or Conferences; ungraded quizzes and surveys; or edits to Discussions.
  • Edits to Quizzes and Assignments will only appear in the Global Activity Stream when the Notify users that this content has changed button has been selected in a course.
  • To receive notifications for Discussions, you must actively post in the discussions at least once every two weeks. If you stop participating in a discussion after two weeks, Canvas will no longer display discussion notifications.

Open Dashboard

Open Dashboard

In Global Navigation, click the Dashboard link.

Open Global Activity Stream

Click the Options icon [1] and then click the Recent Activity link [2].

View Global Activity

The Global Activity Stream contains recent notifications from all of your courses, including announcements, discussions, assignments, and conversations. This activity stream helps you see all recent activity in your courses and easily ask questions and post to discussion forums. Unlike course cards, the activity stream does not the mimic visibility of Course Navigation links.

Activities are indicated by activity type and display an icon [1] for the activity. Each activity also includes the name of its associated course [2].

New activity in your account is indicated by an unread icon [3]. Discussions and Announcements indicate new activity items published in a course, and Conversations indicate a new message received from a user in a course. Recent Activity items remain for four weeks.

Expand and Collapse Notifications

You can view the details of each activity by hovering in the notification area and clicking the Show More link [1]. To collapse recent activity, click the Show Less link [2].

Manage Recent Activity

You can directly access your recent activities by clicking the course link [1]. To remove a notification, click the remove icon [2].