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What are some reminders and recommendations with the D2L and Impact MVP?

Below are some key details to take into account when using D2L with Impact.

Reminders and Recommendations

  • The system language is set to English. Since many monitors can only be defined using the element text, an alternative system language would result in various missing monitors.
  • Various pages around the LMS feature save/save and close and/or save and new buttons. When the inline editor has launched the same template name (e.g., save button) appears on every page. However, it is important to note that each button is locked to a specific page. This means that if you place a message via the inline editor on one of these buttons, it only appears on that specific page. The monitor registers a trigger for that specific page.
  • There are various buttons around D2L that register a monitor trigger when clicked, even if the intended action is not completed. For example, you can choose to click the 'New assignment button' to create a new assignment. This triggers the monitor. However, if this action is canceled and an assignment is never completed, the monitor still counts the click on the 'New assignment' button.
  • To get the most out of Impact, please disable the advanced view option for instructors and students. These views are housed inside an iframe which limits Impact's ability to capture elements inside. Standard view has out-of-the-box contexts and monitors ready to use.
  • Pop-up limitations: various pop-up windows appear across D2L. There is nothing unique to set them apart from each other via recognition rules. These are unsupported at this time.
  • Recommendation: Don't enable Open in New Window in admin settings. e.g., Checklist.
  • New experiences: the URL for all pages are the same. (e.g., adding a rubric and creating a new assignment.) This greatly limits the ability to monitor user interaction.
  • To make use of monitors and contexts created in the new experience, the new experience tool category must be switched on. Any monitored element that appears in the new experience but does not have the tool category ‘new experience’, will not be triggered in the new experience. For example, the ‘associate learning objective’ button appears in both the original and new experience but only triggers in the original experience. This is due to how D2L have built up their new experience.

Download our Reminders and Recommendations PDF: