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How do I add the Impact Support Center to the Canvas Help menu?

You can create a custom link in the Canvas Help menu for the Impact Support Center. Visibility of the link is controlled by Canvas Admin whereas the design of the Impact Support Center is controlled from the account Admin Impact Dashboard.

For more information on the Impact Support Center, visit What is the Impact Support Center?

Note: Turning off the visibility of the Impact Support Button in the Impact Dashboard does not control the visibility and access to the Impact Support Button.

Open Canvas Help Menu

Open Canvas Help Menu

In Global Navigation, click the Help button.

Customize Menu

In the Help menu, click the Customize this menu button.

Add Link

In the Help menu options, click the + Link button.

Add Custom Link

In the Add help menu links, click the Add Custom Link button.

Add Impact Support Center Link

Add the link name in the Link name field [1].

Add a description in the Link description field [2].

Add the Impact Support Center URL at the end of your Canvas URL in the Link URL field [3].

You can set which Canvas user roles are allowed to see the customized link in the Help menu by selecting the applicable checkboxes in the Available to section [4].

To save your changes, click the Add link button [5].

Note: Routing and Assigning to an Impact Dashboard is honored in the Canvas Help link access.

Save Custom Link

To add the customized link to the Canvas Help menu, click the Update Settings button.