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How do I find which articles are included in an Out of the Box Walkthrough?

Out of the Box Walkthroughs are delivered with articles throughout various steps. You can see the articles listed through the campaign.

Articles in a Walkthrough

Articles in a Walkthrough

In the top navigation, click the Campaigns link [1]. Then click the Templates tab [2].

Locate and select the walkthrough campaign template you are interested in using [3].

Use as Draft

Click the Use as Draft button.

Note: You may view the campaign content prior to selecting the Use as Draft button.

Article Performance

Outcomes - View More

Click the View More button in the Content Engagement section to view Articles in the Walkthrough.

Article Performance

The Content Engagement Article Performance table represents the total unique users engaging with the walkthrough, the total number of views, up- and down-votes, and clicks on links within the walkthrough.

Note: We recommend that you do not assign Out of the Box Walkthroughs to user groups within the walkthrough but instead control the visibility by assigning and starting the campaign, to benefit from the insights offered.

Campaign Content

Campaign Content

Open the campaign and scroll down to see Campaign Content [1]. Click the Preview button for each help item to see its contents [2].

The campaign includes a list of all the different articles that have been included in the various steps of the Walkthrough.

If you choose to add/remove an article to/from a Walkthrough step, it is recommended that you also add/remove the article from the campaign as well. This will ensure that your Campaign Engagement: Knowledge base data is accurate.