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How do I know which sub-account a message belongs to?

You can see which sub-account is assigned to messages in the Impact Dashboard from the messages table or the individual message settings.

Note: This feature is only available to Canvas customers.

Open Messages

Open Messages

In the Global Navigation, click the Messages link.

Message Table

Sub-Account toggle

In the Manage Messages tab, click the Fields drop-down menu [1]. Click the Sub-account toggle [2] to display the sub-account field in the table.

Sub-account field

The Sub-account field is displayed, showing the association between each message and its linked sub-account(s).

Message Settings

Open Message

To view the sub-account linked to a specific message, locate and click the message you want to view.

View Sub-account Settings

In the sidebar, locate the Sub-account section. The message is assigned to the sub-account listed.