What is Impact?

Impact helps institutions improve technology adoption and evaluate the impact of educational technology while helping faculty and students seamlessly navigate new platforms.

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Support Users

Provide out-of-the-box self-help content and easy access to support channels, empowering students and faculty to focus more on teaching and learning, and less on traversing technologies.

In-context support empowers students and faculty to focus more on teaching and learning, and less on navigating and learning new technologies.

Customized In-App Messaging

Customized in-app messaging and channels confirm that the hours spent trying to figure out new technology are a thing of the past. Reach students and faculty through targeted in-line messaging to communicate with your users.


Guide users step-by-step through tasks and processes within your LMS to reduce the learning curve, build confidence, and ensure tools are being leveraged to their full potential.

Measure Technology Impact

Insightful dashboards and dynamic reporting provide a bird's eye view of how well students and faculty are engaging with available ed-tech tools. When you pair Impact with your existing and future education technology suite, the return on your tech investment will be on brilliant display.


Leverage existing templates and customize them to meet the needs of your institute or build your own. Campaigns provide you with the opportunity to combine messaging, walkthroughs, and data to target a specific audience, promote a specific tool, and measure the impact.

Out of the Box Content

Impact provides out of the box contexts, allowing you to place messages and walkthrough steps across your LMS. Customizable reporting templates generate ready-to-use insights around instructors, students, and integrated tools. A ready-to-use support center with all relevant help articles is set up with pedagogy at the forefront and campaign templates around the most common tools and challenges, some of which include walkthroughs are available to you.

Evaluate Impact

Learn how Impact by Instructure deepens technology adoption, grants insight into how Instructure solutions are currently used at your school, provides support for everyone when and where they need it, and fosters a culture of self-help in this Guide for K-12 Edition.

For more information on how Impact by Instructure helps Higher Ed Institutions improve technology adoption, evaluate the impact of education technology, and drive action with custom in-app messaging, visit this Guide for Higher Ed Edition.