Impact Glossary

This glossary contains definitions for commonly used terms you may find while working with Impact.


Building Block

Java web app that is deployed as a plug-in to the Blackboard Learn application.



A campaign is essentially a container that allows you to bring together all of the Impact tools and features related to a specific use case you want to address in your LMS.

For example, a campaign to increase the use of discussion boards can include messages on the discussion page, support articles about FAQs surrounding discussions, and monitors on the discussion boards page. A campaign does not need all three elements but you can mix and match messages, support, and monitors as you see fit. 

A campaign targets a particular audience (e.g. faculty or students) and has a specific time range (e.g. one month). A use case can consist of one or multiple campaigns.


A set of conditions that determines where a message, support article, or monitor will trigger.

Custom User Group

A custom collection of users defined within Impact based on a set of conditions.


Expert User Account

Credentials used to log in to the Impact Dashboard.


Inline Editor

A flexible content management tool, which can be activated within the learning application.


A dedicated Impact environment hosted via Amazon Web Services.



A user activity tracker placed on a page or element within the learning application.

Monitor Category

A sub-section of a Reporting Template, which can contain monitors and/or additional Monitor Sub-Categories.



A small JavaScript code snippet used to inject Impact into Canvas, Moodle, and other web-based applications.


Reporting Template

A hierarchical structure used to organize monitors for reporting purposes.


Support Button

A floating button, which can be embedded on every page of a learning application for users to launch the Support Center.

Support Center

An in-application support environment, which is presented as an overlay on top of learning applications.


Tool Category

A grouping of out-of-the-box content items based on which functionality or tool they relate to, which is used to filter and manage the visibility of said content.


Use Case

A use case is a list of steps that illustrate how a process will be carried out in the Impact ecosystem to achieve your desired edtech outcome. By having a theme defined with set outcomes, a use case is aimed at helping you build a bridge from where you currently are, to where you would like to be. Through targeting a current challenge you are facing, a use case deploys best practices (through Impact campaigns, etc.) towards an effective end goal.

User Group

A collection of users based on the organizational structure of the learning application (e.g. roles, hierarchies, or accounts).



A step-by-step guide of a process that may span multiple pages.