How do I view Mobile Data Insights?

The Impact Dashboard provides access to Mobile Data Insights, which offers a comprehensive view of data generated by student and teacher activity on their LMS through the mobile app.

Note: Initiating a campaign based on the active or nonactive user report does not necessarily guarantee the ability to display messages or walkthroughs within the native Canvas Apps. However, it is possible to implement such campaign elements exclusively through the mobile browser.

Separate Reports

A separate report has been created from the Canvas mobile data. In order to access the entirety of these reports, the following tool categories must be toggled on:

  • Mobile Reporting
  • iOS Mobile
  • Android Mobile

Note: For more information about tool categories, visit How do I show or hide content and reports related to a specific tool category in the Impact Dashboard?

Tool Adoption

Tool Adoption

To view data for Mobile app usage, click the Reporting Template drop-down menu [1] and select Mobile app [2]. Then click the Apply Filter button [3].

Adoption Rates

At the top-level Monitor Category, instructor and student data is presented cumulatively as a Mobile App. To separate entities such as instructors and students, click the reporting template name.

If you would like to look at data related to iOS only, you can toggle off the Android tool category, and vice versa.



Due to the unavailability of Impact messages, walkthroughs, and contextual support inside the Canvas app, the contexts linked to the monitors used within the Canvas mobile data reports are not visible. No Data is displayed under the context field when you open an individual monitor. This action has been put in place to avoid confusion around placing messages or contextualizing support, neither of which is currently available within the Canvas mobile app.

Note: On low-traffic instances, such as staging, there is a 10kb or 300-second threshold for triggering monitors to be processed in the dashboard.