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How do I create a message from the Impact Dashboard?

With Impact, you can create messages via the inline editor directly within your learning application or via the Impact admin dashboard. This article focuses on how you can create a new message from the Impact dashboard. 

Open Messages

Open Messages

In Global Navigation, click the Messages link.

Create New Message

Create New Message

Click the New message button.

Enter Title

Enter Title

To add a title to your message, click the Untitled message text box [1]. Then enter your message in the Title field [2].

Edit Your Message Content

Messages must have a title and any type of content in the body before you can publish it. Follow the steps below to edit your message content. You can customize the message body content in three ways:

Enter Text

Add text and highlight it to customize the design.

Highlight Text

Press Enter on your keyboard while editing the message body to view the insert options.

Rich Edit Mode

You can also switch on Rich Edit Mode if you want to focus on the content of the message.

You can insert the following content types:

  • Ordered list (numbers)
  • Unordered list (bullet points)
  • Table
  • Image
  • External Media (YouTube links or iframes)
  • Documents (PDF, Word, Powerpoint)
  • Links to other messages or support articles
  • Personalization tokens

Edit Your Message Settings

In the sidebar of the create message page, you can view several drop-down menu items that allow you to manage your message settings.

Setting Row Explanation
Status & Visibility 
This tab always stays open and shows you the current state of your message. This area shows you:
  • Message Status, which can be draft or published.
  • Message Visibility shows you if your message is visible to users. If Hidden, you also see the reason why the message is hidden.
Assign to Users
This tab allows you to manage which users your message is targeted at. You can target your message to any specific user, user group, or previously created campaign.

Note: You must assign a user before publishing a message.
Message Type 
The message type setting allows you to change how your message is displayed in your learning application. Impact allows you to present your messages in three ways:

  1. Hint message (connected to an element in your learning application)
  2. Pop-up message (a modal in the center of the learning application)
  3. Systray message (displayed in the bottom right corner of your learning application)
Connect to Context
Connecting your message to a context defines where in your learning application the message is presented. Contexts can be specific pages or specific elements on pages. You can connect your message to multiple contexts.

Note: You must connect your message to a context before publishing the message.
The Presentation tab allows you to adjust the styling of your message. You can adjust:

  1. The height and width of your message (in pixels)
  2. The orientation of your message (only for Hint message types)
  3. The visibility of proactive feedback buttons (upvote/downvote) on your message
  4. Message icon (only for Pop-up messages types)
Schedule Visibility 
Scheduling the visibility of your message enables you to select a start date/time and end date/time during which your message is displayed in your learning application. When the end date and time is reached, the message is automatically hidden.

Note: You still need to assign a user and a connect context for messages to be visible in your learning environment.
Advanced Settings
This tab enables you to modify the following additional fields that can help you with message categorization and bulk actions:

  • Tags allow you to categorize messages based on any term. This makes it easy to find and filter messages on the Manage Messages page.
  • Keywords allow you to associate specific terms with your messages, making them easier to find while searching in the Manage Messages page.
  • Tool Categories allow you to associate a message with one or more tool categories so that you can hide/show all messages associated with a tool category in a single bulk action.
In the Manage Translations tab, you can create multiple versions of your messages in different languages. If the language is marked with an X icon, the translation for that language has not yet been created. Simple toggle between languages by clicking on the names of the languages shown.

Publish Your Message

Publish Your Message

Now that your message content and settings are all set up, you can continue by:

  • Publishing your message: using the Publish button.
  • Saving your message as a draft: using the Save as Draft button allows you to publish the message another time but save your current changes.
  • Canceling: use the Cancel button to delete your message content and settings or any unsaved changes.