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How can I control what categories of the Out of the Box Support Center my end user sees?

The Out of the Box Support Center is a resource that allows you to provide contextualized default LMS support to your end users instantly.

You may not want to utilize all of the Out of the Box help that is available and there are several ways to control visibility to users.

All of the following options can be applied at the top-level and sub-level categories of the Support Center.

Note: The Support Center follows a hierarchal logic, therefore anything applied to a category will also be applied to any sub-categories housed inside.

Unpublish Categories

Unpublish Categories

To hide the category itself and all content inside from end users, Unpublish the category.

Published Label

When a category is unpublished, the Published label will no longer be visible on the category in the dashboard.

User Categories

User Categories

You can decide which users see which help categories by assigning/unassigning user categories.

Note: If all user categories are unassigned, the category will not be visible to any end users but if published, will include the published label in the dashboard.

Deleting Categories

Deleting Categories

You can choose to permanently delete categories from the Support Center by clicking the Delete Category link.

All of the Out of the Box support articles will still be available in the Manage Articles section of your Dashboard but without a Support Center category, but will not be immediately visible to your end users.  They may show up when users search keywords through the Support Center if the word is in the title of the article.

Unavailable Articles

Unavailable Articles

To make articles completely unavailable to your users, use the Fields drop-down menu [1] to select Categories [2].

Filter Categories

Use the Filters [1], select Categories [2],  and filter on the Support Center categories [3] you want to remove.

Note: Use a separate filter to capture all the sub-categories.

Edit Status

To Hide Articles, click the Edit Status link.

Hide/Mark as draft

To make the article unavailable to users, click the Hide/Mark as draft button.