How do I request a new Impact feature?

We are focused on building strong communication and collaboration with our customers. Our goal is to collect your feedback and feature suggestions so that we can help enhance your experience of using Impact at your institution. Your requests and suggestions are essential to our product development and to streamline all your feedback, we use our Impact Idea Conversations.

Open Impact Idea Conversations

Open Impact Idea Conversations

To open the Impact Idea Conversations space, visit the Impact space. Locate and click the Impact Idea Conversations button.

View Existing Idea Conversations

View Existing Feature Ideas

Before posting your idea, see if your idea or a version of your idea has been suggested.

Search Existing Idea Conversations

Search Existing Feature Ideas

By default, the global search bar returns results for keywords in the entire community. To limit your search to the idea conversations space, click the All Community drop-down [1] and select the Idea Exchange option [2].

To search for ideas by keyword, enter keywords in the Search field [3].

To view an idea conversation, click the idea conversation title [4].

Comment, Rate, and Subscribe to an Idea

Comment, Rate, and Subscribe to an Idea

Rate the idea

If the idea is in the Open for Conversation stage, you can rate the idea [1].

Add comments

If your idea is a slight variation of an existing conversation or you have additional thoughts, you may want to add comments to the existing conversation thread [2].

Share the idea

If you'd like to send the idea to others, you can share the idea [3].

Start a New Idea Conversation

Start a New Idea Conversation

To create a new idea, click the Suggest an idea button.

Note: You must be logged into the Instructure Community to suggest an idea.

Enter Title

Enter Title

Enter the title of your new feature request in the Subject field [1]. Then click the Check Title button [2].

The search determines whether other customers have already submitted a request on the same topic. 

Review Related Ideas

If you don't see any other posts that relate to your topic, click the Continue and Post button.

On the next page, fill in all the fields that are relevant for your request. Click the Post button.

Your new feature request will be submitted to the community and will appear in the Impact Idea Conversations.