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How do I add metadata to a support article in the Impact Dashboard?

Impact enables you to add several different metadata points to your support articles to make them easier to find, sort, or filter. You can customize the following data points:

  • Tags - consistent terms that can be used to find and group articles with filters
  • Keywords - terms associated with your articles to make it easy to find your article via search.

Open Support

Open Support

In Global Navigation, click the Support link.

Create or Edit Article

Create or select articles

Select an article by clicking the title [1]. To create a new support article, click the Create New drop-down menu and select the type of article you would like to create [2].

Edit Article

Edit article

If you are editing an article, click the Edit Article button.

Open Advanced Settings

Advanced Settings tab

In the sidebar, locate and click the Advanced Settings section [1].

To add searchable tags, click the Tags field [2], for Keywords, use the Keywords field [3].

Save Changes

Save changes

If you are creating a new support article, the Save as Draft button will create a draft of your support article so you can publish it later [1]. If you would like to make it visible, click the Publish button [2].

If you are editing a support article, click the Update button [3].

Note: A set of users must be selected in order to be published.