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How do I install Impact in Blackboard Learn Original?


Self- or Managed-Hosted

If you have already installed the Impact building block before, we recommend uninstalling the old version before installing the new version.

  1. Download the latest version of the Impact Building Block here (version 2.3.185).
  2. Log in to Blackboard Learn as a system administrator.
  3. Navigate to System Admin → Building Blocks
  4. Select Installed Tools > Upload Building Blocks > Browse and locate the building block .war file.
  5. Select Submit to upload the file to Blackboard Learn, and then select OK to go back to the Building Blocks page.
  6. To enable the building block, select Available in the Availability list for the building block. Blackboard Learn lists the permissions that the building block requires. This is a security feature to protect Blackboard Learn from dangerous content. If you are concerned about the permissions given to a building block, contact the vendor before approving the permissions.
  7. To make the building block available and allow it the listed permissions, select Approve.
  8. Locate the Impact Connector in the list of installed building blocks.
  9. Click on the Settings button.

10. Enter the Base Url and Key provided by Impact.

11. Tick the box Support tab if you want to make the Impact Support Center available to ALL users. Note: Only enable this setting on staging and if EesySoft Support is included in your license. Do not enable on production until after the Impact Support Center has been configured with your implementation consultant.

12. If you would like to make the Support Center visible for specific user roles only, you can add one or more roles (comma-seperated) in this field. Note: Make sure you uncheck the Support tab checkbox from the previous step.

13. If you would like to be able to use Institutional Hierarchy nodes to filter Impact reports or target messages, articles, and campaigns, enable Create hierarchy-based roles (if users are directly aligned with nodes) and/or Create course hierarchy-based roles (if courses are aligned with nodes).

14. If you would like to collect user activity data anonymously, turn on Anonymous mode. This will ensure that only the user’s PK1_ID is transferred to the Impact server. Note: If turned on, this will limit Impact functionality. This affects the user information sent with support ticket submissions from the Support Center and user information exported from the tool adoption reports from Insights.

15. Turn Synchronization ON if you wish to enable Course Activity Reports. Note: Although the initial synchronization should not impact performance, we have added the option to perform the synchronization during night time (ON during off-hours).


  1. Submit a ticket with Blackboard requesting them to install the latest version of the Impact Building Block stated here.