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How do I know which sub-account a walkthrough belongs to?

You can see which sub-account  is assigned to walkthroughs in the Impact Dashboard from the walkthroughs table or the individual walkthrough settings.

Note: This feature is only available to Canvas customers.

Open Walkthroughs

Open Walkthroughs

In the Global Navigation, click Walkthroughs link.

Walkthroughs Table

Manage Walkthroughs

In the Manage Walkthroughs tab, click the Fields drop-down menu [1]. Click the Sub-account toggle [2] to display the sub-account field in the table.

Sub-account field

The Sub-account field is displayed, showing the association between each walkthrough and its linked sub-account(s).

Walkthrough Settings

Open Walkthrough

To view the sub-account linked to a specific walkthrough, locate and click the walkthrough you want to view.

View Sub-account Settings

In the sidebar, select the Settings tab [1].

Locate the Sub-account section [2]. The walkthrough is assigned to the sub-account listed.