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How do I create personalized links in messages from the Impact Dashboard?

Adding a personalized link to your Impact messages is a fantastic way to engage users in a more direct, personal way which can improve the user's experience with the messages targeted to them.

Note: Only one personalized link can be inserted per message.

Open Messages

Open Messages

In Global Navigation, click the Messages link.

Create New Message

Create New Message

Click the New message button.

Edit Message Content

Edit Message Content

Add a title [1] and content [2] to your message.

Content link

While editing the message body, to view the insert options, press Enter on your keyboard. Click the Personalization token icon [1] and then click the Personalized Link option [2].

Highlight text

You can also highlight the text and click the Personalization token drop-down menu [1]. Then click the Personalized link button [2].

Rich Content Editor

Additionally, you can add a Personalization token in the Rich Content Editor.

Click the Personalization token drop-down icon [1] and then click the Personalized link option [2].

Import Personalized Link File

To download a sample spreadsheet, click the Download sample spreadsheet link [1].

To upload your CSV, XLS, or XLSX file, drag a file in the upload box [2] or click the Choose a file to upload link [3].

Then click the Import button [4].

Note: The imported file requires two column headers: email address and personalized link for each email.

Add Link Details

In the Link details window, you can add personalized link details.

The Uploaded file from the previous upload window displays [1]. You can download the file or change file by selecting the menu button.

Enter a text to display in the message in the Displayed text field [2].

To specify the way the link will display, click the Open in drop-down menu [3] to select New window or Same window. By default, it is set to open in a new window.

By uploading a file with personalized links, you are automatically creating a Custom User Group inside of Impact. This Custom User Group will appear from the Custom User Groups page and could be used for future use (if desired). Enter a name for the Custom User Group in the Name field [4].

Enter a description to describe the group in the Description field [5].

Assigned Users

Assigned Users

By creating a personalized link, you have created a Custom User Group that is now assigned to the message. This is visible in the Assign to Users section.

Note: The personalized link automatically sets the assignment in the Assign to Users section. You cannot change the Assignment until you delete the personalized link from the message.

Custom User Groups

Custom User Groups

The Custom User Group for the Personalized link is visible in the Custom User Groups tab in Settings. View the created group in the Custom User Groups list.

Note: You can not modify the custom user group for the personalized link as it is set by the personalization link and only one personalized link can be inserted per message.