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How do I use the Impact Course Reports LTI?

The Impact Course Reports tool allows instructors to view activity and tool adoption reports for specific courses in real time. When installed, the Impact Course Reports tool is accessible via Course Navigation.

To install the Impact Course Reports LTI in Canvas, visit How do I enable Course Reports LTI as an App in Canvas?

To install the Impact Course Reports LTI in Blackboard, visit How do I configure and install the Impact Course Reports LTI 1.3 in Blackboard Ultra? or How do I configure and install the Impact Course Reports LTI 1.3 in Blackboard Learn Original?

View Course Activity

View Course Activity

In the Course Activity section, you can view key statistics for your course such as the number of enrolled students, student participation level (percentage of active users enrolled in the course that has triggered at least one of the monitors), the number of days since the course was accessed by an instructor or student, and instructor(s) most recent course access date(s).

Filter Data

View Course Activity

The data presented in the Course Activity details can be filtered using the global filter bar at the top of the page.

To determine the structure shown in the chart and monitor category breakdown, click the Reporting Template drop-down menu and select the template you want to use [1].

To limit the adoption data to users who belong to the selected, click the User category drop-down menu [2].

To modify the Start Date [3] or End Date [4], click the Calendar icon. By default, the date range is set to a Start Date of three months before the current date and an End Date of today.

To apply filters, click the Apply button [5].

View Tool Adoption

View Tool Adoption

In the Tool Adoption section, you can generate a report to view adoption data. You can specify information and formatting in which data is displayed by applying report settings.

To determine how the chart data is scaled and whether the adoption level for each monitor category is expressed in percentages or actual numbers, click the Presentation drop-down menu [1].

To toggle between Trend Line and Cumulative chart presentation, click the Graph Type button [2]. With Trend Line enabled, the chart shows separate adoption levels for each unit of time. When set to the Cumulative Graph Type, the chart presents the growth curve of adoption from the first unit of time to the last unit of time.

In the Tool Group table, you can view tool adoption data and an accompanying graph for a specific tool group or tool.

View User Activity

View User Activity

The User Activity section analyzes if the student has triggered the monitor.  User activity data can be downloaded as a CSV.

Note: For more information on User Activity Reports, visit How do I view the User Activity Report in the Impact Dashboard?