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What are Impact campaign templates?

This article explains how campaign templates allow you to take advantage of premade content delivered by Impact's educational specialists and sourced from the global Impact user community.

Campaign Templates

Campaign Templates

Impact strives to help institutions maximize the value of their learning technology through just-in-time contextual communication. Our content team, consisting of educational technology experts, publishes helpful templated messages, walkthroughs, and articles around common themes. This premade content is delivered in the form of Campaign Templates. Campaign Templates are draft campaigns that contain messages, walkthroughs, articles, and activity monitors, which can be imported with one click and customized to your liking.

Our content team is working hard to consistently release new campaign templates to help you keep up with system updates, new tool functionalities, and increase overall adoption.

It is important to note that the campaign templates are a draft campaign that needs to be customized and configured to your needs, and then started in your Impact dashboard. Just clicking Use as Draft from the campaign details will not automatically configure or start the campaign in your dashboard. To find out all the steps in using a campaign template in your dashboard please read this article.

Read How do I use Campaign Templates? to learn where to find campaign templates and how to use them.