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What Impact support insights are available?

Support Insights report on support performance and feedback in the dashboard in order to analyze the quality and impact of communication and support efforts.

View Support Insights

It enables you to analyze how users rate the support articles you are adding to your learning application and support center. When the articles has the Voting option enabled, the results are found here.

  • You can see the article Insight tab under Support from the top navigation bar.
  • You can view the Article Health section as a table or as a chart.

Filter Insights

Filter Insights

You can filter on Date Range, Role Categories, Roles, and Status. Filtering is applied to all charts/components on the page.

View Article Performance

The support article performance table has statistics on:

  • Number of views
  • Number of users
  • Number of comments
  • % Rating
View Article Performance

You can view Support Button Usage, Support Escalation Routes and Pages With Most Support Requests insights when you scroll down.

View Table or Chart

View Table or Chart

You can also choose between presentation options to view the insights in the upper right corner of the charts.

The following options are available for the charts:

With Trend enabled, the chart shows separate adoption levels for each unit of time.
When set to Cumulative, the chart presents the growth curve of usage from the first unit of time to the last unit of time. Each point in the graph shows the usage level from the start date of the chart until the date associated with that point.
Actual / Fixed / Scaled
When Actual is enabled, the metric shown in the chart changes from a percentage of active users to an absolute number. This chart is based on the absolute number of users who have triggered the support button or escalation route divided by the number of active users.
The Fixed chart will present the adoption level as a percentage of unique active users with the Y-axis of the chart ranging from 0% to 100%.
The Scaled chart shows the same metric as Fixed %, but narrows the Y-axis of the chart in order to focus in on the adoption levels shown.

To learn more about the Support Button Usage insights and presentation options, please read this article.