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How do I activate the inline editor within the Blackboard Learn Ultra Experience?

Looking to create monitors, messages and articles directly in the Blackboard Learn Ultra Experience? Here is how you can install and use the Impact Expert Tool for Google Chrome to launch the Inline Editor in Blackboard Learn Ultra.


Install the Impact Expert Tool for Google Chrome

  1. Make sure you have Google Chrome installed on your computer.
  2. In Chrome, go to the Impact Expert Tool on the Chrome Web Store.
  3. Click Add to Chrome.

4. Click Add extension in the dialog box.

5. The Impact Expert Tool is now available in the Extensions section.

Launch the Inline Editor

  1. Using Google Chrome, login to your Blackboard Learn Ultra environment.
  2. Click the Impact icon in the Extensions section to activate the Expert Tool.

3. Log in using your email address and Impact password.

4. Select the Impact instance which is connected to the Blackboard Learn Ultra environment.

This means with Ultra you no longer connect your expert user and forget about it, with every use of the inline editor in Ultra you connect an LMS to an Impact system 

WATCH OUT: Using the chrome plugin you can create contexts on an Impact system different from the one connected to that LMS. You can connect the plug in to any instance you have access to, REGARDLESS of this LMS you are logged into. Be extra careful which instance you are logged into especially when defining any contexts.

This is not a bug, this is a feature actually designed to be helpful in giving you more access to creating contexts. For more questions and information on this, please submit a ticket.

5. After the page has reloaded, click the tool tab on the right side of the screen.

6. Click the + to start the Inline Editor.